Lifestyle: Effective cheers in Life After Covid 19 pandemic and how impactful it came out.

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Lifestyle: Effective cheers in Life After Covid 19 pandemic and how impactful it came out.

Remaining all day in our blanket, and in our comfort zone, used to our dream. But then the pandemic hit, and the whole world got locked.

This boundary made us realize the importance of the outside world, actually everything that we were running from.

How can we ignore the fact that this covid-19 pandemic has given a voltage shock in so many ways?

1. Morning walk got limited from bed to kitchen — No one can spare themselves by the feeling of the morning breeze, cold air, and birds chirping, from our minds. But this pandemic has made us realize how much we are missing the fresh air we used to take granted for. Now when our lives are only limited to the bed we sleep in, and the kitchen where we cook our food, it made us realize that we never wished for THIS covid 19 life.

2. Warm hugs turned into distant high fives — It’s been so long since we hugged our friends or patter their back. We are remaining far away from each other and which shows that yes we are Social Animals, who can’t live without real communication. We all are missing the time when this will be over and we will be back again with the same routine of ours. We are so much excited for life after covid-19.

3. Colleges got closed — Whether we irritate our teachers a lot but still we love them too. And now when we got locked and expected to study with the help of those study materials & video calls, it hurts to see our teachers that distant. And not able to help them makes us even more irritated. Although they are giving their best, and we can’t thank them enough, but then also, classroom studies are being missed by everyone around. Students are wishing to meet their respective teachers again after covid 19 and tell them that their efforts are unbelievable.

4. Those jokes by our daily workers are long heard now — It’s been a long while since we sat down with them and spent a little time while listening to those gossips they tell us. This pandemic has made their jobs even more difficult and challenging. Going inside many homes, touching the utensils of everyone, cleaning floors makes them putting their own lives in more danger but still, that cute little smile never left their face.

5. That extra treat can’t be missed — Even our shopkeeper uncle, who lives on the next street is worried about selling items and touching notes. He is worried about his money requirements too. So it feels unusual to ask for any treats. The jokes and pranks we use to play with them now seem helpless to make them smile. We can feel the pain they hide behind those bright smiles. They are completely fulfilling their jobs of providing everyone, their food items, groceries, or basic needs of everyone. But what about their own needs, it’s been so long since we have seen him restless for his shop.

6. Those superheroes, the cleaners — If we are talking about the effects of COVID 19, we can’t forget these superheroes. More than anything in this world, they cared about us. The truth opened our eyes to them. They cleaned our area with fear in their eyes. Still, they did with the courage of beating the disease. Although we tried to thank them for what they did, it was not enough. They are the real heroes in our present world.

7. But the walls fall too — There are some good things too that happened in this pandemic, like that of coming closure. Although we are stuck in four walls, we grew our bonds with our families, friends, and neighbors. Our hate turned out to be a misunderstanding and hence brought so many new reasons to love others. So, somehow these restrictions made something like a new beginning.

8. We found OURSELVES — Being away from the outer world, we found ourselves. We came to know that how different we are. We tried games, courses, studies, cooking, and so many other activities and explored ourselves. We did things, which we never thought we ever can.

Although we are not an expert in cooking we tried it too and made ourselves more shocked with our abilities. Although it didn’t have that taste, like that of our mother’s hand or that aunty which use to come to our house for making food for us, before the pandemic. But at least it will good to start with.

9. No to the Tea Stall Deep Conversations — This pandemic even limited our evening tea stall chat schedules. As people aren’t allowed to stand in groups because of the greater chances of getting infected. Some states and countries even put restrictions on the movement of their people, and these things also affected our daily lives.

10. Price range increases — This whole thing has restricted the economy to grow too and hence made everything so much costlier than before. Many industries have almost stopped working and waiting for this pandemic to end.

11. Mask and Sanitizer for the Rescue! — It has become difficult in today’s era to imagine your life without a mask and sanitizer. Sometimes it feels like an extra body organ that grew to fight the virus. And the compulsion to put this thing are necessary to become safe from this virus.

So although there were bad incidents that happened due to this pandemic, like so many people got affected due to this disease and even lost their lives, we came to know that the real importance of human life. Before we use to leave our surroundings unclean and now, it completely got changed.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world bathed with sanitizer because of this pandemic.

Although there were death and misfortune which were bad, people learned the importance of cleaners. People understood that they are the reason why we are living our lives so much better.

With the new wave of covid 19, we got locked again. We tried to look outside but the people dying are the only news we heard. Let’s look at the positive side and the number of patients getting better each day.

Each day, our life becomes so much different than others, but still, we can be able to forget what experience we gained because of this pandemic.