Top 21 points every Content Writing client wants you to know beforehand

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Top 21 points every Content Writing client wants you to know beforehand

Who does not want their Content Writing client to place orders frequently? But do you know what it is that makes them so happy?

Aside from writing great content, there are a variety of other competencies that will make your client choose you every time they have a need, such as focused listening skills, SEO knowledge, and a desire for researched original content.

So I have compiled a list of 21 points that every future Content Writing client expects you to master. It will allow you to understand their mindset while also sharpening your skills.

1. Be a great listener while working with your Content Writing client:

I was lately talking with a friend who hires freelance writers for writing projects. The first thing that caught my attention was his remark about how his content writers never listen. Allow me to explain what I am saying additionally with examples.

Listening to Content Writing Client is NOT about:

a. Taking the phone call and responding with YES all the time, OR

b. Saying HMM after every sentence

According to a survey performed by Statista Research Department in January 2022: “36 percent of the respondents (executives) believe that our emotional intelligence will soon become a must-have skill for us in 2-3 years”.

Rather than that, it is:

a. paying attention to every detail your Content Writing client mentions

b. focusing on the voice tone or quality they desire in the write-up

c. concentrating on their requirements and desires`

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2. Dig deep to get the results/research:

You may finally be able to write material the same as one or two of the websites that appear at the top of the search results page. But, if that is the case, what is the difference? Consider this: Does your material stand out in any way?

This is exactly what your consumer does not desire.


a. You must consider Content Writing Skills.

b. Also, check out research papers, news articles, and the top ten websites (or even more), as well as ebooks, videos, and other resources.

The more effort you put into it, the more likely the article will be successful. Thus, concentrating on research produces the finest material and it is why every Content Writing client wants a writer who is ready to take on the role of Sherlock Holmes.

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3. Making a work planner is the catch while working with Content Writing client:

A work planner dairy is a must-have for people looking for content writing jobs or clients. Do you know that humans only remember 25-50 percent of what we hear, according to studies published in the Journal of Communication by Edward J.J. Kramar?

We can not expect everything to stay in our heads while we juggle so many tasks throughout the day. Hence, using a work planner to record all of the details and deadlines is the best approach.

As a result, work planner eliminates stress while writing while increasing the quality of our work by allowing us to concentrate entirely. Additionally, it will also demonstrate to the client that you are serious about your task.

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4. Pen down every requirement:

Imagine being in a situation where you are chatting to someone, and they are taking notes on everything you say. Does not it feel special that the person is paying attention? Therefore, jotting down every writing detail that the customer shares will enhance their satisfaction level with you as well as encourage them to place the order again.

The real advantage is that you will be striking exactly where they want you to. You no longer need to act like a SUPERMAN and can complete the stuff in your unique style. Write to meet THEIR (client) needs and desires.

Although your content writing talents might provide you with turning moments, try not to lose sight of the fundamental purpose.

The icebreaker is creating new stuff. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? As I previously stated, if you write something that has already got shared in the top 5 search results?

I am not suggesting that you write anything completely different; that would be pointless.

Instead, write the content:

a. which is relatable

b. triggers emotions quickly, and 

c. does not bore people; 

d. quality is a must, and 

e. can be considered an add-on to all websites that give the same information

Your Content Writing client will instantly believe in your abilities as a result of this.

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5. Become an active learner:

The market, like the demands of the reader, is constantly evolving. Consider someone who is seeking hand sanitizers and masks before Corona. Do you think they would have been interested in purchasing it?

The writing client is looking for someone aware of the change and how to deal with it. They are looking for someone willing to learn and progress at all times. So, how can you know what kind of writing skills you have and how to enhance them?

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6. Confused? connect with the Content Writing client asap:

It is understandable if you get lost in the article. However, acting as if “who cares?” is a waste of time and effort. Because your customers will.

They will be concerned if our article writing service does not meet their (customer) expectations.

The answer is straightforward. As quickly as possible, contact your client. In this manner, you will be able to meet their expectations without any difficulty.

7. Using Keyword Planner, SEMrush, AnswerThePublic, UberSuggest, Duplichecker, Grammarly, Advego, Quetext pays off:

On-page SEO authoring is critical for a website’s success.

If Content Writing clients have already paid their service to search for the key terms, they will tell you what keywords to use.

It will be a much better job if you provide a hand to assist them.

Every Content writing client expects their freelancers to do the following:

a. Encourage them on their path.

b. offer them non-plagiarized stuff 

c. Assist them with new blog post topics.

d. compose something that their reader will enjoy reading

(likewise, you can also learn content writing from different free courses to boost your skills)

8. Long-tail keywords do matter:

Using long-tail keywords term not only drives more traffic to the website, but additionally help to improve its ranking. As per the research shared by, Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all internet searches done by readers.

The more problems your blog writing solves, the better your chances of reaching the top. When you share the information with the Content Writing client, try to underline the keywords. Because the people who pay you to write: want to know how much time and effort you put in for instance. I’ve gone over how and why to employ these magical keywords in great detail.

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9. Be ready to make the change for your Content Writing client:

Change is inevitable, whether you’re working on your first or 100th project. Clients appreciate writers who are willing to make modifications to their work. It will reveal how compatible you are with them.

And after authoring so many projects, I can assure you that editing does wonders on the write-up.

You can also seek out new business opportunities from Content Writing client who feels comfortable sharing their reviews with you.

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10. Be clear:

Suppose you told your client that your charges are $30 for a day. But then how could your Content Writing client will know about the number of hours you included in the offer?

Tip: Share a sample of your content writer profile with them and provide details to make them know what they’ll get from you.

Client needs someone who knows what obstacles they’ll face ahead of time and is prepared to overcome them.

All these details will make you a valuable asset to your clients as they will return with more opportunities shortly.

Now that you have arrived at the point where I was a year ago, I have chosen to update this blog post so you may understand more about my new learnings.

11. Recognize your Content Writing Type:

Every single person I deal with is vastly different from the previous one. Occasionally, a person appears out of nowhere, informs me of the blog topic, and places an order. On the other hand, some Content Writing clients conduct extensive research and ask me thousands of questions before thinking about placing an order.

Lol, I am also going to create a full blog article on this topic right now. But, for the time being, I would like you to know that detecting the client type is akin to discovering the treasure chest here.

a. Take a look at what they are searching for from you.

b. Does your Content Writing client appear to be requesting a limitless number of modifications from you?

c. Are they already bothering you with special deals and such?

If you are thinking of signing a contract with them, think twice. Also, if your instinct tells you that working with a specific client is a bad idea, do not bother.

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12. Statistics broadens the eyeballs:

People begin to take your work more seriously when you introduce credibility into the scene.

But before, here are some points that you should think about:

a. To make the data stand out, always underline and bold it.

b. Use how-to information from sites like eHow and others.

c. Always reference the correct sources in your document.

To avoid plagiarism, make sure to write the data and information in your own words after you have done your study.

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13. Over-delivering your work project:

I am not suggesting that you write 1000s of additional words merely to keep your Content Writing client happy and on your side. However, you can write an additional 100 words. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it always makes the client feel better about your work.

Although the shorter, creamier rule is usually effective, over-delivery makes it much more agreeable.

Always mention your extra words to them, even if it is just as a suggestion.

14. Keep the format adjustable:

If you are drafting a press release, using a middle margin and 1.5 lines of space on the delivery may give the information a more professional appearance.

From my personal experience, it appears to be professional. You can even include their logo and contact information in the PR, just like genuine press releases do.

a. Search for the required margins, fonts, font type, spacing, and so forth.

b. If necessary, include a watermark or logo.

c. If at all possible, send both a pdf and a doc version of your file to your Content Writing client. It enables people to access the file in a variety of file formats.

15. Go for organic solutions:

So, last month, I was watching a video on how to do polls and surveys. And I am sure you’ve already read it several times. Do you know why it works, though?

Let’s imagine your favorite pizza restaurant starts claiming that 90% of your city’s population exclusively eats their pizzas, but they don’t show how they’re claiming such data. Do you think you’ll believe them? On the other hand, if they share the results of their Facebook or Instagram poll, asking for the same information, you will take notice.

It is the situation as it stands right now. But what if you don’t have such a large fan base?

It is all right. That is not something you should be concerned about.

I will show you how to do it with an example.

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Let’s pretend you’re writing an article about whether vanilla or chocolate ice cream is superior.

a. Simply go to your social media account and search for both the milk and chocolate ice cream hashtags.

b. Check out the most popular viral posts.

c. Take notes on people’s comments and compile data from them.

d. In these posts, leave a comment with your query.

e. Contact the person who is leaving comments on those posts.

f. Gather information and put it to good use.

I did tell you how you’re going to do it right here, but what about the advice?

Never walk up to a person’s text message box and start asking questions. Introduce yourself and your website instead. Also, tell them how you found them. Finally, inquire if their preference is anything that would be beneficial to you.

Sending hundreds of texts in a single hour is not a good idea.

Do not send your participants generic messages. Because they may or may not answer. Write something worthy and ask your friends or yourself whether it persuades you to respond with a text.

16. Time constraint:

I try to revert the file in 18-19 hours, as I usually take projects for 24-hour windows. You must be wondering why not use the 5-6 remaining hours.

You see, sending the work before the clock hits makes an impression at first. Also, it gives them some time to ask for the changes if they want to.

So here is how I do it:

a. I divide my work into three sections: research, writing and rechecking.

b. After that, I open my browser and conduct extensive research.

c. Then I take a one-hour or 30-minute break to watch an episode of my favorite web series (currently I am watching Big Bang Theory).

d. Then after, I return to the writing portion.

e. And now it’s time for another break.

f. Finally, I review everything, make the delivery, and sleep for as long as I can.

Now, this may or may not be wholly dependent on you.

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17. Kick your insecurity:

When it came to putting a voice to substance, I was always unsure of what to say. Assume you are writing a YouTube script describing the negative and positive aspects of a specific event.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my idea. I recently wrote a script about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the Oscars Award. On social media, there are now two types of supporters.

Some speculate that Will was standing up for his wife when Chris tried to make fun of her baldness while ignoring her medical condition. On the other hand, fans claimed that such violence on a worldwide platform was excessively violent because it was only a joke.

Now, you ought not to put your insecurity in line when it comes to wiring such stuff. Instead, write about both points of view and explain your opinion from both angles. Finally, close the content while inquiring about the people’s reactions.

Unless and until they offer their precise perspective, your Content Writing client has given you the project with the flexibility to demonstrate your creativity, so take advantage of it.

18. Show the results to your Content Writing client:

Suppose you are making solid claims that your content will get indexed by the search engine within 3-4 hours. But how do you think your Content Writing client will believe in you?

There is a simple approach to do this: show them that you have already received the result.

About 6-7 months ago I started a gig writing Fiverr gig descriptions for people that rank and sell quickly. My gig was also ranking at the top for even the smallest keyword “Fiverr gig” at the time. It is why my consumers believed my information would be beneficial to them.

a. Only make statements about things you can back up with evidence.

b. Always display the screenshots or the server-shared pdf reports.

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19. Images:

So, I was recently working on this project and wanted to give it a go by adding some photos to it. The buyer was pleased and placed a second order within 24 hours. And that was the simplest thing you could think of. It took me around 4-5 minutes to find the image and paste it into the document.

Unless you are paying for commercial use of the images, picking exclusively free stock photos is the key here.

Here are a few examples of websites you may easily access:






Even if your Content Writing client does not come right out and say they require photos, adding them will suffice. Also, just utilize the relatable ones.

Now, if you are a newcomer to the industry and are looking for ways to build a strong portfolio, you can impress your Content Writing customer with customized images.

You can create them using:

a. Canva

b. Visme

c. Adobe Spark

d. Stencil

e. PicMonkey

20. Group Contact:

Although I wouldn’t consider this a need for your client, having some connections is a good choice.

Let’s say your Content Writing Client has asked you to manage their website and update their blog regularly, but you don’t have the time. If you know somebody, you can refer them here. It will be a win-win situation for everyone if we proceed in this manner. Because the individual you just suggested might bring you a writing customer in the future.

21. Keep an eye out for updates:

When you begin a project, you usually have no idea what questions to ask, which presents a problem as the project progresses. Alternatively, you can miss a few pointers while crafting your requirement section. It is why I counted and documented everything you need from your client in a very specific format.

alt="Top 21 points every Content Writing client wants you to know beforehand"

a. Brand guideline:

Inquire about their brand’s website, purpose, and anything else relevant to their business.

b. Ask about the Target Customers of your Content Writing client:

Maybe your Content Writing client is going for a specific type of customer that you are missing out on right now. Asking them will help you comprehend their straight message, as it is your job to research the target clients before creating a blog post. 

c. The topic of the blog content:

Now is the moment to request that they provide you with a few blog topics. Also, if they want, inform them that you’ll conduct the part of the study on that as well.

d. Point Points:

Inquire about the exact solution they’d like you to concentrate on. It will once again assist you in meeting their expectations.

e. Content Tone:

It’s best if you ask if they require a second-person written article or content that speaks directly to the reader. You could also ask whether they require the article to be informational, humorous, or emotive, depending on the writing style you use. (Believe me when I say that it is vital.)

f. SEO Keywords: 

Clients frequently inform their customers of the number of times they want them to utilize certain keywords. Along with that, they do mention the search terms in the requirements section. Tell them, however, that you can conduct keyword research for them if they need it.

g. Ask about the reference articles from your Content Writing client:

If they need to grasp the quality they require from you, ask about the reference materials.

h. Pitching angle for affiliate sites:

It will be different than the pain points, we have mentioned earlier. Instead of telling the solution, sometimes the Content Writing clients want you to give a reference to their affiliate products. It’s best if you ask this question beforehand.

Now that you have read my entire post and learned the techniques, let me know your suggestions. Also, do inform me if there are any hints in the blog post that I missed, as this will be helpful.