A content writer who can move the reader’s gaze from the first to the last word at a 0.20x speed.

Crafting a write-up that can trigger any emotion in your reader, isn’t that tough. You only need to use the right kind of tools and tactics.

Hello, my name is Kratika Puri. I started my writing career two years ago.

Since then, I have been fostering marketers with top-notch quality blogs and articles.

I also ameliorate tycoons with the most lucrative copywriting services to help them increase their product sales.

The reason why my writing skills are so highly appraised is that I spice up my writing with humor and fun.

I mean, look at yourself, still reading this.

Want to learn my tactics? Stay tuned to this blog as we unearth everything we can about Content Writing.


I will not write exactly the same content as the first 5 websites. In fact, my content will be an add-on as compared to them.


What distinguishes me from every other content writer, you’ve met?

1. Title using low targeted keywords to rank

2. Funny/humorous/conversational/first person/second person/narrative voice tone

3. To the point information

My Writing Style

Niches, I write in:

I use all of my resources to gather the most pertinent information, which I always present to the readers after embellishing with humor.

Let’s dazzle everybody.