40 ways to make money by Writing Articles

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40 ways to make money by Writing Articles

Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk, fingers hovering over the keyboard, ready to spill your thoughts onto the blank canvas of your computer screen. You’re eager, ambitious even, and yet, a tiny voice nags at you. It’s the voice of doubt, the voice that asks, “Can I really make money writing articles?” Maybe you’re worried about the competition, or perhaps you’re unsure if your writing is good enough. You, my friend, are not alone.

Let’s be real here. Who hasn’t had those moments of uncertainty? We’ve all been there, wondering if our passion for writing can pay the bills. But what if I told you that not only can you make money by writing articles, but there are also some seriously unconventional ways to do it? Ways that don’t involve yoga retreat blogs or meditation mantras—nope, we’re talking about methods that are so unique, they’ll make your head spin (in a good way, of course).

So, buckle up and get ready to discover 40 out-of-the-box ways to turn your writing skills into cold, hard cash. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill suggestions you’ll find on every “make money online” listicle. We’re talking about the rare gems that can truly set you apart in the world of freelance writing. Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Crowdsourced Storytelling

  • What is it? Crowdsourced storytelling involves contributing to shared storylines on platforms like Wattpad, where writers collaborate to create engaging narratives.
  • How to Make Money? Earn revenue through ad shares based on the popularity and engagement of your stories.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Engage with other writers to build collaborative stories that attract a larger audience.
    • Use analytics tools provided by platforms to optimize your writing and increase revenue.
  • Example: Write short, suspenseful chapters that leave readers wanting more, increasing the likelihood of ad clicks.

2. Company Memoirist

  • What is it? Large corporations hire writers to craft their corporate histories and stories, preserving their legacy and culture.
  • How to Make Money? Charge a fee for writing the memoir and gain future opportunities for ongoing corporate projects.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research extensively to accurately capture the essence of the company.
    • Incorporate interviews with key personnel to add authenticity to your writing.
  • Example: Write a compelling story about a company’s growth from startup to industry leader, focusing on pivotal moments and challenges.

3. Scientific Ghostwriting

  • What is it? Assist scientists and doctors in translating their research into articles for a broader audience.
  • How to Make Money? Charge based on the complexity and length of the article, with potential royalties based on article readership.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Understand the scientific field thoroughly to translate complex concepts into easily understandable language.
    • Collaborate closely with the scientist to ensure accuracy and clarity in the article.
  • Example: Write an article on groundbreaking medical research, simplifying the language without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

4. Brand Voice Creation

  • What is it? Help companies establish a unique tone and voice for their content that resonates with their target audience.
  • How to Make Money? Charge a fee for creating brand guidelines and ongoing content creation services.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research the company’s target demographic and industry to tailor the brand voice.
    • Create a style guide to ensure consistency across all content channels.
  • Example: Develop a playful yet professional brand voice for a tech startup, engaging with a youthful, tech-savvy audience.

5. Adventure Blogging

  • What is it? Write for adventure travel companies, documenting expeditions and destinations.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and freelance assignments.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Include vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes to immerse readers in the adventure.
    • Partner with travel companies to secure paid trips in exchange for blog coverage.
  • Example: Document a week-long trek through the Himalayas, detailing challenges, sights, and personal experiences.

6. Speechwriting for Politicians

  • What is it? Write speeches and scripts for political figures and public speakers.
  • How to Make Money? Charge a fee per speech, with potential for ongoing contract work.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Understand the political landscape and the intended audience to craft persuasive speeches.
    • Work closely with the speaker to capture their voice and style.
  • Example: Write a campaign speech focusing on key policy initiatives and personal anecdotes to connect with voters.

7. E-book Writing for Niche Industries

  • What is it? Write e-books on specific subjects like urban beekeeping or digital nomad tax strategies.
  • How to Make Money? Self-publish e-books on platforms like Amazon Kindle and charge for downloads.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Choose topics with a dedicated niche audience to maximize sales potential.
    • Promote the e-book through social media, blogs, and niche forums.
  • Example: Write an e-book on sustainable farming practices, providing practical tips and case studies.

8. Paranormal Investigator’s Journalist

  • What is it? Write articles and blog posts documenting the experiences and findings of paranormal investigators.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through website ad revenue, sponsored posts, and book deals.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Maintain objectivity and credibility while writing about supernatural phenomena.
    • Conduct thorough research and interviews with investigators to gather compelling evidence.
  • Example: Document a haunted location investigation, detailing the team’s experiences and any evidence captured.

9. Crime Scene Report Writing

  • What is it? Journalistic writing in the criminal justice field, involving reports and articles for legal and forensic professionals.
  • How to Make Money? Work on freelance assignments, contributing to industry publications and websites.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Learn about forensic procedures and legal terminology to write accurate and informative reports.
    • Interview law enforcement officials and experts to add depth to your writing.
  • Example: Write an article analyzing a high-profile crime, including details on the investigation and legal proceedings.

10. Vlog Scriptwriting

  • What is it? Write scripts for vloggers and content creators who create video content for platforms like YouTube.
  • How to Make Money? Charge per script or negotiate a recurring fee for ongoing scriptwriting services.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Write engaging intros to hook viewers and compelling outros to encourage likes and subscribes.
    • Include clear calls to action to encourage audience engagement.
  • Example: Write a script for a tech review vlog, including product features, personal opinions, and demonstrations.

11. Comic Book Scripting

  • What is it? Write scripts for comic books, creating dialogues and storylines for illustrators to bring to life.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through royalties or flat fees for scriptwriting assignments.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Understand comic book storytelling conventions and structure.
    • Work closely with illustrators to synchronize scriptwriting with visual storytelling.
  • Example: Write a script for a superhero comic, including action sequences, character development, and plot twists.

12. Dating Profile Ghostwriting

  • What is it? Write dating profiles and messages for individuals seeking to enhance their online dating presence.
  • How to Make Money? Charge per profile or messaging package, with potential for profile maintenance services.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Use humor and authenticity to create profiles that stand out from the crowd.
    • Conduct interviews with clients to capture their personality and preferences accurately.
  • Example: Write a dating profile that showcases a client’s adventurous spirit and love for spontaneous travel.

13. Legislative Bill Analysis

  • What is it? Write about proposed laws and their potential impact for legal and policy professionals.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through freelance writing assignments for legal journals, blogs, and think tanks.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research legislative history and legal precedent to provide context for your analysis.
    • Consult legal experts and lawmakers to gather insights into bill implications.
  • Example: Write an article analyzing a proposed healthcare bill, including potential benefits and challenges.

14. Online Course Creation

  • What is it? Write the content for online courses on platforms like Udemy and Coursera, teaching a range of subjects.
  • How to Make Money? Charge a fee per course module or negotiate a fee for course development and updates.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Break down complex topics into manageable lessons with clear learning objectives.
    • Include quizzes and assignments to reinforce learning and engagement.
  • Example: Write a course on digital marketing, covering SEO, social media strategies, and content creation.

15. Podcast Show Notes

  • What is it? Create detailed summaries and transcripts for podcast episodes to aid listener engagement.
  • How to Make Money? Charge per episode or negotiate a recurring fee for show notes and transcripts.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Capture the essence of each episode while highlighting key takeaways and discussions.
    • Format show notes for SEO optimization to increase discoverability.
  • Example: Write show notes for a business podcast episode, summarizing guest interviews and actionable insights.

16. Virtual Reality Storytelling

  • What is it? Craft narratives for virtual reality experiences, guiding users through immersive environments.
  • How to Make Money? Collaborate with VR developers or studios, earning through project-based fees or royalties.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Use sensory descriptions to enhance immersion and engagement.
    • Experiment with interactive storytelling elements to give users agency in the narrative.
  • Example: Write a VR narrative set in a dystopian future, allowing users to explore and interact with the world.

17. Historic Reenactment Narratives

  • What is it? Write scripts for historic sites and museums, bringing history to life through storytelling.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through commissions from museums and historic sites for scriptwriting services.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research historical events and figures to accurately recreate narratives.
    • Include interactive elements like live performances or multimedia exhibits.
  • Example: Write a script for a Civil War reenactment, including dialogues, battle sequences, and historical context.

18. Language Learning Materials

  • What is it? Develop articles and stories for language learners, incorporating cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions.
  • How to Make Money? Write for language learning platforms or create content for educational publishers.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Use everyday situations to illustrate language concepts and cultural references.
  • Include audio recordings of native speakers to improve pronunciation and comprehension.
  • Example: Develop language learning articles for beginners, introducing basic vocabulary and grammar with interactive exercises.

19. Disaster Preparedness Manual Writing

  • What is it? Create comprehensive guides and manuals for emergency situations and disaster preparedness.
  • How to Make Money? Write for government agencies, NGOs, and private companies involved in disaster response.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Organize information logically, focusing on practical steps and emergency protocols.
    • Include checklists and illustrations to aid understanding and implementation.
  • Example: Write a disaster preparedness guide for homeowners, covering earthquake safety measures and evacuation plans.

20. Local Tourism Blogging

  • What is it? Explore your own backyard and write about hidden gems and local attractions for tourism boards and travel sites.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and partnerships with local businesses.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Highlight unique experiences and insider tips that appeal to both locals and tourists.
    • Collaborate with tourism boards to promote local events and festivals.
  • Example: Write a blog post about a lesser-known hiking trail in your city, including trail maps and scenic viewpoints.

21. Urban Exploration Journalism

  • What is it? Report on abandoned buildings, underground tunnels, and off-limits locations for urban exploration enthusiasts.
  • How to Make Money? Write for urban exploration magazines, websites, and niche travel blogs.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Document your experiences with detailed descriptions and photographs.
    • Research the history and significance of the locations to provide context.
  • Example: Write an article about exploring an abandoned amusement park, detailing its history and current condition.

22. Virtual Reality Tourism Narratives

  • What is it? Craft immersive narratives for virtual tours of popular and obscure travel destinations.
  • How to Make Money? Collaborate with VR developers or tourism boards to create virtual tour experiences.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Create realistic environments with vivid descriptions and interactive elements.
    • Include historical and cultural insights to enhance the virtual tourism experience.
  • Example: Write a VR tour narrative of a historical city, guiding users through landmarks and hidden treasures.

23. Livestream Event Scripting

  • What is it? Write scripts for live streaming events, from gaming tournaments to corporate webinars.
  • How to Make Money? Offer your services to event organizers and content creators looking to improve their live content.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Structure scripts to maintain audience engagement and flow of the event.
    • Include interactive elements like polls and Q&A sessions to involve viewers.
  • Example: Write a script for a live gaming event, including commentary on gameplay strategies and player interviews.

24. Antique Restoration Blogging

  • What is it? Combine writing with antique restoration expertise, documenting restoration projects and their history.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, affiliate links to restoration products, and restoration consulting.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Include before-and-after photos to showcase restoration techniques and craftsmanship.
    • Share tips on restoration methods and care for antique pieces.
  • Example: Write a blog post about restoring a vintage Victorian chair, detailing the process and historical context.

25. Dental Practice Blogging

  • What is it? Write about oral health, new treatments, and patient stories for dental practices and oral care companies.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, advertising revenue, and content partnerships with dental brands.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Use layman’s terms to explain complex dental procedures and treatments.
    • Interview dentists and patients to create engaging and informative content.
  • Example: Write an article about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, featuring patient testimonials and treatment options.

26. Space Tourism Guidebook Writing

  • What is it? With the rise of space tourism, there’s a need for guides on everything from zero-gravity etiquette to lunar vacations.
  • How to Make Money? Write guidebooks and articles for space tourism companies and future travelers.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research current and upcoming space tourism ventures to provide accurate information.
    • Include practical advice on preparation, health considerations, and space-related activities.
  • Example: Write a guidebook on space station living, covering daily routines and space tourism milestones.

27. Professional eSports Commentary

  • What is it? Write articles analyzing eSports matches and events, appealing to an avid online gaming audience.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through freelance writing assignments for eSports websites, magazines, and blogs.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Analyze gameplay strategies, player statistics, and team dynamics to provide insightful commentary.
    • Stay updated on the latest eSports trends and games to engage with the gaming community.
  • Example: Write an article analyzing a major eSports tournament, discussing standout players and game-changing strategies.

28. Museum Exhibit Scripting

  • What is it? Work with curators to create informative and engaging exhibit narratives for museums and galleries.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through commissions from museums and cultural institutions for exhibit scripting.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Tailor exhibit narratives to appeal to diverse museum visitors, including children, adults, and academics.
    • Collaborate with designers to incorporate multimedia elements and interactive displays.
  • Example: Write a script for a natural history museum exhibit, focusing on prehistoric creatures and evolutionary history.

29. Reality TV Show Recap Writing

  • What is it? Summarize and analyze reality TV episodes for fan sites and entertainment blogs.
  • How to Make Money? Write recaps, reviews, and analysis for popular reality TV shows, attracting a dedicated fan base.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Capture the drama and intrigue of reality TV while providing insightful commentary.
    • Engage with readers through polls, quizzes, and discussion forums on social media.
  • Example: Write a recap of a reality TV cooking competition, discussing contestant strategies and judge critiques.

30. Fashion Forecast Blogging

  • What is it? Write about upcoming trends, style guides, and fashion industry news for fashion-forward readers.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and collaborations with fashion brands.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Attend fashion shows and events to gather firsthand information on emerging trends.
    • Create visual content like mood boards and outfit inspiration to engage with fashion enthusiasts.
  • Example: Write an article forecasting upcoming spring fashion trends, featuring runway highlights and styling tips.

31. Senior Lifestyle Blogging

  • What is it? Write about retirement living, health tips for seniors, and life after 60 for a growing demographic.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing with senior-friendly products, and advertising revenue.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Address common concerns and interests of seniors, such as health, travel, and retirement planning.
    • Interview seniors to share their stories and experiences, providing inspiration and advice.
  • Example: Write a blog post about the benefits of active retirement communities, including resident testimonials and amenities.

32. Ski Resort Blogging

  • What is it? Cover everything from ski conditions and resort reviews to après-ski hotspots for winter sports enthusiasts.
  • How to Make Money? Partner with ski resorts for sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and advertising revenue.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Provide detailed information on ski trails, snow conditions, and resort amenities.
    • Include tips on gear selection, skiing techniques, and safety precautions.
  • Example: Write a resort review of a top ski destination, including accommodations, dining options, and local attractions.

33. Sports Betting Journalism

  • What is it? Write about odds, strategies, and sports news for avid bettors and sports enthusiasts.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through affiliate partnerships with sports betting platforms, sponsored content, and advertising revenue.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Analyze sports statistics, team performance, and player injuries to predict betting outcomes.
    • Provide betting tips and strategies tailored to different sports and betting markets.
  • Example: Write an article analyzing Super Bowl betting odds, discussing favorite teams and underdog predictions.

34. Food and Wine Pairing Blogging

  • What is it? Combine writing with your love for food and wine, recommending perfect pairings and gourmet experiences.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts from wineries and restaurants, affiliate marketing, and food and wine events.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Pair wines with complementary dishes, highlighting flavors and textures.
    • Include recipes and cooking tips to create restaurant-quality meals at home.
  • Example: Write an article on pairing wines with summer barbecue dishes, including marinades and grilling techniques.

35. Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Blogging

  • What is it? Write about sustainable living, green home improvements, and eco-friendly products.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through affiliate partnerships with eco-friendly brands, sponsored posts, and green home consultation services.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Recommend energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly building materials, and water-saving devices.
    • Provide DIY tutorials for eco-friendly home improvements and renovations.
  • Example: Write a blog post about creating a zero-waste kitchen, including reusable products and composting tips.
  • Example (2): Write a guide on installing solar panels at home, including cost-saving benefits and step-by-step installation instructions.

36. Memes and Viral Content Creation

  • What is it? Create memes and viral content for social media and websites, capturing the latest trends and internet phenomena.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, merchandise sales, and content licensing agreements.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Stay updated on current memes and viral trends to create timely and relevant content.
    • Use humor and creativity to engage with a broad audience and encourage sharing.
  • Example: Create a viral meme about a popular TV show, incorporating a memorable quote and a humorous image.

37. Rural America Feature Writing

  • What is it? Explore rural life, traditions, and issues through features for regional publications and websites.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through freelance assignments for rural magazines, community newsletters, and agricultural websites.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Interview local residents and experts to provide firsthand perspectives on rural issues.
    • Highlight unique cultural traditions, local businesses, and natural landscapes.
  • Example: Write a feature article on a family-owned farm, detailing daily operations and the challenges of modern agriculture.

38. Historical Fashion Blogging

  • What is it? Write about fashion trends and history, creating content that appeals to vintage enthusiasts.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and vintage fashion consultation services.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research historical fashion eras and iconic designers to provide accurate and engaging content.
    • Collaborate with vintage boutiques and museums to showcase historical fashion pieces.
  • Example: Write an article on 1920s fashion trends, including flapper dresses, accessories, and cultural influences.

39. Music Festival Survival Guide Writing

  • What is it? Help festival-goers with tips on camping, lineup guides, and festival fashion for music festivals.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through sponsored posts, affiliate partnerships with festival gear brands, and ticket sales.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Provide packing lists, camping tips, and survival guides for different types of music festivals.
    • Include insider tips on navigating crowds, finding the best stages, and discovering hidden gems.
  • Example: Write a survival guide for a summer music festival, covering festival essentials, weather considerations, and concert etiquette.

40. Cryptozoology Articles

  • What is it? Write about mythical creatures and the pseudoscience of hidden animals for paranormal enthusiasts.
  • How to Make Money? Earn through contributions to cryptozoology magazines, paranormal websites, and enthusiast forums.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Research legends and sightings of mythical creatures to provide informative and entertaining content.
    • Discuss scientific theories and skepticism surrounding cryptozoology in your articles.
  • Example: Write an article about the Loch Ness Monster, including eyewitness accounts, scientific studies, and cultural beliefs.

Ready to Take Your Writing to the Next Level?

Congratulations! You now have 40 unique and unconventional ways to turn your writing skills into income. Whether you’re drawn to virtual reality tourism, antique restoration blogging, or historical fashion, there’s a niche out there waiting for your expertise.

Each of these opportunities offers a chance to combine your passion for writing with unique interests and skills. Remember, the most unusual paths often lead to the greatest rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these unconventional opportunities and let your writing take you places you never thought possible.

Ready to unleash your inner writer? Let’s get started.