Do you want a PERFECT YouTube script that hooks your audience in less than 5 seconds?

I directly:

  • speak to your viewers’ MINDS, while
  • instilling CURIOSITY in them &
  • making them IMPATIENT to hear the next sentence

Honestly, we all want to earn 7 figures PASSIVE income through YTube channels. We’ve all heard of people making even more profit MONTHLY simply by posting funny or informative videos on their channels.

Well, that’s where I come in, I will be your YouTube video scriptwriter, creating the most captivating scripts for your upcoming video.

I can effectively generate all of your channel content consistently, so all you have to do is record, edit & post your video.

Topics I love to write about: Top 10 list, Lesser-known facts, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Beauty, Fitness, Travel, Tv, Web Series, product reviews, tutorial, vlogs, food & more

Why choose me?

  • Algorithm Expert
  • Additional info than your competitors
  • Natural & authentic voice
  • Wins over the trust of your audiences
  • Direct them to see more videos
  • SEO optimized script to ensure top ranking


Visuals set the stage, but my Video Scripts sell instantly.


  1. NOTE:

Whether it’s stage play and screenplay, short films, animated series, ads scripts, trailers, vlogs, animation, and YouTube videos, you have found just the BEST YouTube Video Scriptwriter.

2. Working Procedure:

Share your YouTube video script topics/needs/references > Place the order > Check my drafts > Approve when satisfie.

3. Why should I select you as my “YouTube Video Scriptwriter” instead of anyone else?

I know how to write a good hook and an introduction that will pique your audience’s interest. I always include a brief call to action (CTA) in my video scripts, which helps to increase engagement and overall channel analytics.

4. Specialty of your YouTube Scriptwriting gig:

I will assist you in creating an engaging YouTube script that will produce tangible results. You can rely on me to provide you with the perfect blend of information and audience-grabbing content, from formal to informal writing tones and downright hilarious.

5. Can you share a WORK SAMPLE with me?

Drop a text and get a 100-word youtube end screen script sample from my side to get CONFIDENCE in my work. For checking my writing style, check:

6. Do you take custom orders?

I certainly do! If the listed packages do not meet your needs, please send me a DM! I’d be delighted to have a discussion and write a script exactly to your specifications.

7. Are you going to conduct extensive research for my YouTube script project?

Yes, it is a crucial part, but before that, I’ll ask you the essential questions about your business to gain a deeper understanding once we’re on the same page. I’ll begin my research and write a fantastic script for you.

8. What kind of Scriptwriting quality do I get?

You will receive a high-quality and engaging video script for your YouTube video, explainer video, or vsl, as well as on-time delivery, keyword and competitor research, no grammatical or spelling errors, plagiarism-free content, and excellent customer service