Want a compelling description for Etsy digital products to sell your products instantly? (↑orders)

With my catchy Etsy product description+right words, the buyers will flip out their cards to pay for your product.

Hey, I am an EXPERT product description writer with 3 years of experience who can assist you with a PERSUASIVE COPY that will drive ORGANIC TRAFFIC +increase conversion rates.

Get a taste of how an Influential, done-for-you copy converts your target audience!

What else I offer:

  • Etsy Affiliate Marketing blog
  • Etsy shop social media ad post

After researching your competitors + identifying potential for enrichment, I instantly target the PAIN POINTS & write a compelling Etsy product description for your digital products.

SAMPLE: https://contentwriterr.com/category/samples/product-descriptions/

You’ll get:

  • Eye-Catchy SEO Title(Attracts customers to click to buy the product)
  • 5 Benefit-Oriented Bullet Points(Strengthens the desire to purchase)
  • Persuasive Product Description(Triggers the buying Impulse)
  • Keyword Research+Top Search Terms (To rank your listing)
  • HTML title+Backend kw

My compelling Etsy product descriptions are brief, unique, problem-solving & straightforward.


  1. NOTE:

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2. How will you do product seo optimization?

I will analyze your etsy product SEO and do a lot of keyword research. After that, I will write SEO titles, SEO esty product descriptions, search tags, and other required data for your etsy digital product. Ready to kick your offer on the TOP?

3. Why should I hire you?

As a copywriter with over 3 years of experience, I have learned one thing very clearly. Short and Precise always wins. Also, you’ll get a Guaranteed increase in the number of clicks and impressions on your Etsy Digital Product.

4. How will the service be delivered?

I will deliver your high-paying etsy product description in pdf and text formats.

5. How much time it takes for my etsy product to rank in the first row?

Once you are done with publishing your product it takes almost 2 days to start seeing the rising impressions on them. Apart from this, if you have placed an etsy product description that sells then expect a bunch of orders in no time.

6. Why should I hire you for the job?

As you can see from the results in my gigs gallery, you must have noticed that my work by now. Ready to start making money now? TEXT ME NOW

7. How our service will help me?

I will create the etsy product description from the client’s perspective. This means you can expect more and more clients to purchase your etsy digital product in no time.