Lifestyle: 6 changes we saw due to our changed work life balance in this pandemic

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Lifestyle: 6 changes we saw due to our changed work life balance in this pandemic

Yes, you spelled it right. There was a time when people were craving for some change. Everyone looked so bored of their jobs, work, business. The sudden change has led us to an era that is complicated yet joyful.

The people are given their tasks to be completed from their own homes. Isn’t it something which we dreamed of ever since we started our work?

The change in management style has led us to perform tasks without any burden. People are exploring new tasks, habits. Every day people around us who were tired are now enjoying it in their way.

  1. Learning how to cook, sttill learning how to differentiate between coriander and mint, had brought a new change in human life. On one hand, people are complaining, on the other they are sketching, drawing, painting, cooking. And above all our human interactions have increased, of course through mobile phones. But isn’t it joyful? This has truly taught us why work life balance is important to be considered.

2. Staying at home and working isn’t too bad. Having your food in one hand, a television remote on the other, and a laptop in front of us, giving us happiness too. The people are enjoying it. The time we spend with our family has increased even more. Not worrying about the dress to wear, nor about the documents or the roads still the work completion seems to be interesting. It just needs the right blueprint of work life balance to be0 executed. How much do you like this change?

3. The video calls the emails have taken the place we called “the office”. It’s something really interesting. Surely, we are missing our desks and all those stuff, but we can’t ignore the fact that the change has given us a lot more time to gain new skills helpful for our future goals.

Recently, one of my friends told me that he got the task to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and so he requested his friend to complete the task. And then forwarded it to his boss. Somehow, the boss recognized another email too.

The sudden shift in this Management has given us the reason to enjoy also. But still, one thing remains constant, Our Work. But it is too much easy to get it done.

4. Remember the time when you used to say, “I wish, I could sleep more”, or, “Imagine our company, allowing us to take extra holidays or giving us an opportunity so that we can work from our home with this package”.

Seems like it turned into reality itself. The video calls, the tasks are seemed to be more enjoyable. No one is controlling us. We have the deadline, but the works are getting completed even before that.

Can you imagine what will happen when we start our previous lifestyle again?

We just need the right kind of work-life balance strategies, to make this work in our favor.

Work from home has its side effects too. As said, in the famous web series KOTA “It takes 21 days to build a habit”. We are on the edge to build the habit of sleeping more, aren’t we?

5. We are wishing for it to end, but when it will, we all going to miss it. But as per the request of the government, the employers are thinking twice before subtracting their employee’s salaries during this lockdown time interval. But they are facing a huge loss too.

But happily, every company in different ways is contributing to our economy, in this time. Due to the fall in the economy, everyone is still working. Rather than focusing on the downfall, companies are planning for their future goals. They are focusing on the time interval when all of this will end.

This is why we should always keep up with work-life balance tips and techniques for keeping up with our lives.

6. Talking about the change, the platforms like Unacademy, asked its educator to start more and more live classes, and so that the syllabus of the students can be covered. Even the test series are increased more and more. The change is happening still the management are taking good care of their customers. The tasks for freelancing are still increasing a lot. Even the workers, the employees are working hard for connecting to the customers. The companies like Google asked their employees to stay at home and providing them their tasks to complete.

In the end, this change can be seen as a new opportunity for the management, they can plan for their new advertisement and the marketing policies. They can even plan for the change that needs to be done in their existing product, even can decide for introducing a new product after all of this will end. In this time when their customers are not so busy, they can perform a short survey to get the actual report of their products. In other words, this managerial change has led their employees, to work from home, with full creativity and excitement. In the end, there are chances to grab the opportunity by just investing the time and effort in the right place and making the work life balance worth it.

And what according to you, can be done in this time of Job with joy?