The impact of positive and negative thinking on your procrastination:

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The impact of positive and negative thinking on your procrastination:

Procrastination is a survival strategy used to avoid all negative emotions that may arise from avoiding the task. These emotions shape thoughts and result in various mood states. Thus, you face the impact of positive/negative thinking on your procrastination habits.

It can be classified as follows:


However, unlike the other three options, we can customize our thoughts.

Let me explain to you how your thought patterns influence procrastination habits.

When you start feeling bad, you are more likely to procrastinate and put off tasks. You might finish the work if you are super excited and in an exhilarating mood.

Although these short-term mood changes get an impact on our future selves, they also influence our procrastination issues.

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People who have a high level of emotional exhaustion are more likely to suffer from depression and nervousness, which induces them to be concerned about the future.

Is it a cause of procrastination?

Let us investigate:

1. Impact of Positive Thinking on your procrastination habit:

When you have a positive thought, you are practicing gratitude, feeling confident, and becoming more at ease with yourself. 

It, in turn, will assist you in improving your emotional balance as well as sleeping much better than usual.

Is not this what we want in our lives?

But how does it get rid of procrastination? You see, when you have a strong positive feeling, the word FEAR does not enter your mind.

This terror can range from the fear of not living up to your life’s expectations to the fear of failure to the fear of taking risks.

It will help you focus on completing your tasks. 

Instead of thinking about completing your tasks at a subsequent date, you will be doing everything right now.

It will give you a sense of accomplishment with each small task completed. And the more tasks you complete, the more eager you will be to finalize the next one.

2. Impact of Negative thinking on your procrastination habit:

Whether it is in your life or business, negativity always hurts.

Just that first negative feedback might leave you heartbroken and confused about your life. At the same time, the criticizing hurt us as well.

All of these hurtful feelings make us feel bad about ourselves. And we work on our installs of escaping from the pain no matter what.

This escaping makes us go for instant happiness. It can be from the daily posts your scroll on social media or by watching a web series.

Hence, here comes the procrastination knocking at your door.

Not only this will devastate your motivation level about it will suffer your productivity level.

Is this, however, going to last forever? NOPE

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When the rush of instant happiness wears off, you will be left with a strange sense of tension and hopelessness in your mind.

You will feel sorry about squandering your time when you did not want to.

These negative emotions are caused by cognitive distortions.

As a result, our thought process demonstrates how precisely procrastination becomes our problem.

Positive and negative thinking causes an impact on your procrastination habits gives you: under-confidence, and unexpected results every now and then.

So, what am I to do?

Keep a mental journal. Writing will distract you from negative thinking.

Should I only write positive things even when I am feeling down? Yes, indeed.

Start journaling whenever you hear that strange voice in your head telling you to stop working for the time being and just let the time pass. Open your diary and jot down the encouraging thought. It can be as simple as the delicious coffee you made today or the warmth of the sun you enjoyed today.

It will provide you with a clear vision to think positively regardless of what happens.

However, keep in mind that this thought control will take time. You’ll be able to tell the difference if you stay consistent for a week.

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