Increase your productivity

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Increase your productivity

Having the same spirit every day, even when your office starts and ends in your cozy bed, sounds difficult.


Let me share some of the best tips that have been tried and tested.

Without a doubt, this has increased my productivity significantly.

1. Get dressed as if you had to leave the house at any instant:

I’m sure your mind will wonder why you’re making such an effort. But you have to ignore it and get dressed properly.

2. I’ll call it my office space:

Appointing a specific space as your work office keeps your personal and professional lives separate. It will clear your vision and allow you to see the seriousness of your work.

3. Decide your working hours very clearly:

I can work for more than 18 hours a day without any issues. But then it gives me worse after-effects. 

Lesson: Working for a set number of hours allows us to experience other aspects of life.

4. How about an in-and-out work transition?

This will not only provide you with spiced up new ideas but will help your mental health on track too.

5. Distraction is good, but only to a limit.

I always watch a short video clip of “Big Bang Theory” on YouTube whenever I put my content on a plagiarism checker. But as soon as I get the result, I go back to work again. 

6. Shake up your head and talk to people:

Sitting in front of a computer all day can deplete your mood. However, if you approach your siblings or parents and talk to them for a few minutes, it will always go on to help you. Playing with pets is also acceptable.