6 Best Tips For Organizing A Wedding In COVID

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6 Best Tips For Organizing A Wedding In COVID

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be memorable for their entire life? After all, it’s a special day in their lives which they have dreamed about since childhood. But this COVID-19 has turned the tables in its favor. However, we are here to tell you some tips and tricks so that it won’t be a problem for you anymore.

📌One More, Click!

Starting your wedding with a before and after photoshoot can never go wrong. But imagine how perfect it will be for your far-away guests to look at your bride and bridegroom’s faces from their room.

For this, you need to pick up your phone and search for the most suitable photographer near your region. Contact them and start preparing for the spotlight. You avoid building crowds on your wedding day.

We suggest you keep holding hands with that blushing smile on your face, during the photoshoot.

📌Pick A Theme Base

Although a normal celebration without-theme party can be good-to-go, who can escape from the aesthetic of a proper wedding-themed party?

But here is the catch: To escape from any harmful endings, we suggest you settle on the theme which requires the least workforce.

Let us give you a proposal. Why not throw a flower-themed based party with some props to dress it up? In this way, there will be the last touches to the surfaces, as everyone adores flowers. Not only this, there are more positive, calming, and soothing benefits of flowers in COVID19. Hence there will be minimum chances of getting infected with COVID.

📌Book A Wedding Planner:

This option even sounds next to impossible because of the huge number of projects they have in hand currently. But what’s wrong with trying your luck? So, it is time for you to become Sherlock Holmes and get the most suitable planner to help you with the big day planning.

Also, inquire with the wedding planner about the most cost-effective venue for your wedding as they may help you with fast bookings and discounts. Do not forget to mention the COVID-19 precautions in your talk.

📌Have You Called Your Venue Yet?

Calling and booking a venue yourself will be the best option. Even if your house is big enough to cover up all the guests and family, a stress-free wedding venue seems like a boom.

Now, as the venues are super busy currently due to back-to-back weddings because of Covid-19, you must ask them for the perfect timing to decide everything. This way, you will escape from their frustrated minds and tone. Ensure yourself by asking them what COVID-19 precautions and rules they are following.

Choosing the right venue will help your guests in maintaining the social distance, thus they will be fulfilling the protocols of COVID.

📌Get Married Legally and Celebrate Later

We understand that you are not looking to postponing your dream day. So let’s jump to a conclusion. We suggest you should walk into the attorney’s office hand in hand to get married legally.

Don’t forget your friends and family while looking into each other’s eyes. And, as soon as the whole COVID issue gets over, you can come up and celebrate the big day.

📌Create a digital presence for your wedding:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most events are happening on digital platforms, so why not weddings? We suggest you enable your website to “live view” like it with a limit to the number of people on the venue and thus control the COVID spread.

See the time curled up faster than we thought, but here is the cheat sheet before leaving. You must ask for clear barriers if you feel the need, along with sanitizer available at many corners of the venue. Finally, if at all possible, try to live stream your wedding for those who are unable to attend.

You must first ask all your family and friends to decide the platforms like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram. And after this, go live on those with your heads up. Now we are sending our warm wishes to you.