Blog Writing Services

Just 5 seconds are enough for a reader to either leave the blog or read it at 0.20x speed.

What do I offer?




Blogging adds value to the reader’s life along with driving more TRAFFIC & SALES on the website. And the more the traffic, the more will be opportunities to convert the lead to sales


YouTube Script

Do you want a PERFECT YouTube script that hooks your audience in less than 5 seconds?

I directly:

  • speak to your viewers’ MINDS, while
  • instilling CURIOSITY in them &
  • making them IMPATIENT to hear the next sentence

Honestly, we all want to earn 7 figures PASSIVE income through YouTube channels. We’ve all heard of people making even more profit MONTHLY simply by posting funny or informative videos on their channels.

Social Media Content

Need ENGAGING social media post captions for Instagram & Facebook?

I will write ad copy for your brand that entices customers to lure around your products while opening their credit cards for you.

Remaining in the niche for so long, I know EXACTLY what sells in the market.

With my social media managing skills, I will create & market your content in front of potential customers, making them hit the “BUY NOW” button in seconds.


Email Copy

Need a sales email copy or landing page for your website?

Assume you accidentally bit a RED HOT CHILLY. What would you demand? Water. Correct!

This is the MAGIC of sales copywriting. I know EXACTLY what to write to get your customers to open credit cards for you.

Every word I write will induce your customers to hit the red “BUY NOW” button immediately.

Remember that ad copy that compelled you to scroll up on your device’s screen just to see it again?

Etsy Description

Want a compelling description for Etsy digital products to sell your products instantly? (↑orders)

With my catchy Etsy product description+right words, the buyers will flip out their cards to pay for your product.

Hey, I am an EXPERT product description writer with 3 years of experience who can assist you with a PERSUASIVE COPY that will drive ORGANIC TRAFFIC +increase conversion rates.

Get a taste of how an Influential, done-for-you copy converts your target audience!

Press Release

Do you know what makes a press release newsworthy? It is the combination of the 5 W’s(who, what, when, where & how) in the most COMPELLING yet INFORMATIVE manner.

Doing a Service/Product Launch?

My press release helps in AMPLIFYING AWARENESS of national & international brands among the media & public.

I will start with a CATCHY HOOK, move forward to BREATHTAKING STORYTELLING, & end the conclusion with an IRRESISTIBLE CTA.