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What do I offer?




Blogging adds value to the reader’s life along with driving more TRAFFIC & SALES on the website. And the more the traffic, the more will be opportunities to convert the lead to sales. 🙂

I know that a single content isn’t one-size-fits-all, this is why I offer: DIFFERENT STYLE, FORMAT & combinations in my write-up.

Allow me to provide you with heavily researched content from books and research papers, adding value to your readers’ lives and compelling them to return to your website AGAIN.

Skincare Blog Post Topics I cover:

  • Skin problems and solutions
  • Makeup tips and tricks
  • Home remedies
  • Beauty tips for different skin types
  • Dos and don’ts of skincare
  • Choosing the right products for your skin
  • A guide to natural skincare

Blockchain, Finance, or Real Estate blog post topic I cover

  • Investment Securities- Stocks, options, bond
  • Real Estate- report, Tokenization, money loans, house Buying/selling/flipping/renovation
  • Personal Finance- Retirement, start-ups, saving, investing, budgeting
  • Defi- NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts
  • Other- CashBack app

And there is so much more to the pile………

Contact me to know about it. 

With my compelling writing style and Copyscape passable language, I will reflect on your brand and do substantial research on your topic, giving you a rank-boosting post.

Want to get a YOAST passed content? Inform me before placing an order.

Want to get a customized order?


  1. Do you have a sample that I can have a look on?

Yes, I do. Take a look at: From here you’ll get an idea about how I’ll write the blog post in 24hr your website.


2. What kind of blog posts do you tend to write?

Listicles (numbered lists), Long-form articles (large, in-depth posts over 1000 words), Short and punchy articles, Informative, readable content, personal accounts, conversational pieces, and more.


3. Is there anything else you want me to know?

I know how to communicate your ideas and captivate your readers while increasing your search results visibility.


4. Do you take on larger projects?

Yes, I do! Do contact me for that custom purpose and get an impressive blog post in 24hr.


5. Can I just order right away?

You can, but I SUGGEST YOU text me before placing an order. It will help me in understanding your needs clearly.


6. Can you deliver on the same day?

Yes, I always deliver my orders of “blog post in 24hr” gig on the same day.


7. Can you write me a blog post about anything?

Inform me about your topic and requirements and I will write a blog post in 24hr for your website right away. NOTE: I DO NOT WORK IN ADULT NICHES.


8. What languages can you write in?

I write persuasive or informative CONTENT in ENGLISH language only.


9. Will I be able to give you feedback?

Yes, for sure. I will continue sharing the drafts with you till you get satisfied. I’d like to gather your feedback so that I can make the final product more optimized according to your requirements.


10. Do you correct already written blog post?

For sure. I will change the voice tone as well. Like I can change your pre-written write-up to a persuasive or information blog post in24hr for your website. So, it completely depends on you