Do you know what makes a press release newsworthy? It is the combination of the 5 W’s(who, what, when, where & how) in the most COMPELLING yet INFORMATIVE manner.

Doing a Service/Product Launch?

My press release helps in AMPLIFYING AWARENESS of national & international brands among the media & public.

I will start with a CATCHY HOOK, move forward to BREATHTAKING STORYTELLING, & end the conclusion with an IRRESISTIBLE CTA.

I will write your press release in AP format, which will increase your chances of acceptance by journalists & the news media.

You’ll get:

1. Headline as a Scroll Stopper

2. Intro/Lead with “Curiosity Generator”

3. Informative subhead

4. Trustworthy source

5. Significant essential

6. Executive Quote

7. Boilerplate sales pitch


Why me?

1. No salesy word usage

2. Engage more readers

3. SEO Optimized

4. Formal tone

5. Press Release of 200 words

6. List of pitch angle

As a copywriter for over 2.5 years, I know how to elicit any emotion in your readers while achieving your SALES GOAL instantly.

NOTE: I will not do online press release distribution.

Want a customized order?


  1. What do I need to get started?

Drop a message and inform me about the story/aim behind your press release. Also, please do share any videos, images, or files you want me to check before crafting a newsworthy press release for you. Sample:

2. Do you work on press release distribution as well?

No, I don’t. I only pass out the quality press release in .doc format to my clients. (If you need the files in any other format, DO TEXT ME BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDER)

3. What are the information you need from me to get started?

a. Your website link  b. The major objective behind the press release.


4. Are there certain topics you cannot work with?

If your website is dealing with any adult content, then I am sorry for not providing my helping hand to you.


5. How can I confirm that my newsworthy Press release will be accepted and published?

Quality speaks for itself. Once you check my sample, you’ll get to know about my work quality.


6. Can I include my Company Name and Company Logo as part of the press release?

Yes, you can. Pass me out the details and I will be your knight with the shiny armor by writing a newsworthy press release for you.

7. Can I include images and videos?

Yes, you can. Pass me out and inform me of your specific requirements prior.

8. Why do I need a Newsworthy Press Release?

Do you want our brand to gain CREDIBILITY? This can only happen when you stand out and offer value to your customers. Here with my gig, I will help you in attracting your target audience with ease.