Imagine getting LinkedIn content or blog post that makes people click on the “see more” button.

After all, that’s the first step in marketing your LinkedIn profile. Correct?

Hey, I am Kratika, a Content Writer who knows how to entice ANYONE to read your Linkedin blog or post from start to finish at 0.20x speed.

I’ve been writing for businesses for the past 2 years, so I know how to create content worth following.

As a LinkedIn Content Creator expert, I know EXACTLY how to get as many eyeballs on your post as possible while developing a professional and personal brand for you.



How do I add value?

1. LinkedIn Bio

2. Daily branding content

3. Short Blog Post of 200-300 words

4. Long-form articles of 800+ words

5. Traffic rolling articles for promotion/marketing


Results you can expect:

  • SEO optimized LinkedIn content
  • High engagement with likes & comments
  • Personalized message to enhance following
  • Better LinkedIn lead generation strategy

Niche: Motivational, personal growth, finance, business, entrepreneurship, marketing & more

My LinkedIn Content and blog posts will help you shine in front of recruiters.


  1. Can you post the LinkedIn content for me?

No. Instead, I will send you the complete file in a pdf format to simply copy and paste on your gigs.


2. Can you write a LinkedIn Blog post in other niches that what you’ve have mentioned?

Yes, I CAN. I might be missing some niches. So feel free to connect with me beforehand. Who knows what’s in the treasure box, Right?


3. Can you show me a sample LinkedIn content first?

Sure, take a look at my gallery. You’ll get to see my best samples there. Also, do you know that ONLY “I” provide the gif suggestions along with my LinkedIn Blog posts or content.


4. What about the captions?

I would search the low-targeted keywords and captions for your LinkedIn post and blog content. GET MORE EXPOSURE in front of your target audiences.

5. Why should I hire you as my LinkedIn Content Creator?

Because I am not going to give the same boring information. Instead, I will give you a LinkedIn post that will be filled with humor and excitement to make sure every reader clicks on the “show more” button along with following you straight away.

6. WORK PROCEDURE for your LinkedIn content or blog articles:

I’ll start by researching your niche and target audience to see what problems they’re having. Then I’ll move on to highlight the solutions you offer them, in an irresistible way. Share your LinkedIn Content need > Place the order > Check my work > Approve when satisfied.

7. Can you design a LinkedIn banner with me?

I am a blog writer only, so I might not give you that much of a fancy banner. But I will definitely with something creative using Canva templates. So let’s flaunt your LinkedIn profile now.

8. Can you help me with monthly LinkedIn Content or blog post?

Yes, I can help you with that. Feel free to connect with me and get a CUSTOM OFFER tailored to your needs.

9. Can you optimize my other social media pages like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest?

Yes, I can help you with them. But you must inform me before placing any order.

10. Can you create tailored social marketing plan for my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, I would love to help you with that. In fact, I can also create a LinkedIn Content Calendar as well.