Beauty Products: Ugly truth behind the products you don’t know about:

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Beauty Products: Ugly truth behind the products you don’t know about:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but why are you causing wrinkles on your skin on purpose? Yup, that beauty products of yours is causing you more harm than you can count.

You must have switched from fatty foods to diet foods, modified your social media habits, and begin journaling to live a perfect life devoid of any harmful habits/things.

But what about the detox of your makeup bag?

The synthetic lotions you are using quicken the aging process of the largest organ of your body, the skin.


Let us reveal some shocking facts regarding the makeup industry that you may not be aware of:

1. Impact on your health:

The majority of the personal care products you use create skin problems. It is because these products contain carcinogens that cause rashes, acne, contact dermatitis, and redness. It can cause asthma, learning difficulties, and birth deformities in your body. According to the research by, a lady utilizes around 515 different chemicals every day throughout her grooming routine. Even in the simplest form, these substances can compromise your immune system.

2. Chemical-free product:

There is no such thing as a natural product on the market. Every skincare product contains some form of the potentially dangerous ingredient. According to standards, “Even the gluten-free has just 74 percent safety constraint in it if they want to use the Organic product title”. So, what about the remaining 26 percent of the products? According to the guidelines, organic products are 95 percent safe. But what about the remaining 5% of the products?

3. Animal Cruelty for beauty products:

Do you know that the majority of your favorite well-known brands do not carry the “cruelty-free” label? Clinique, Lauder, and Benefit are a few of them. To better understand the effects of makeup and beauty products on human skin, more than 100 million animals are exposed to testing and response stages. However, there is no guarantee that the cream will function the same on human skin as it does on monkeys, rabbits, vehicles, or dogs. So, henceforth, only purchase PETA-approved products as they ensure that no animal gets injured during the process.

4. Equality measure:

Your skincare products are still advertised based on pale skin tones. It causes self-esteem concerns among persons with darker complexions. Show your equality in terms of body sizes, shapes, and colors during the duration of this advertisement too.

5. Lead in lipstick:

According to a study conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the lead substance found in lipstick is more widespread than we thought. Now you will be more shocked to know that more than 33 major beauty brands contain the substance. If you find this frightening, consider this: around 61 % of all lipsticks are manufactured in the world. And all of them include this dangerous ingredient, which can cause reproductive and kidney problems.

6. Pink ribbon in beauty products:

Every October, we see products with a pink ribbon on their label. These skincare products promote the campaign as well as provide information about breast cancer. But did you know that this skincare product contains hormone-disrupting substances that cause problems in the body?

Follow us to learn more about the truth of beauty products industries hidden from you.

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