Are you sure you’ll feel productive after this?

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Are you sure you’ll feel productive after this?

This is something I’ve been asked for several times.

Productivity, for me, is all about being happy and positive while giving my best to everything I do throughout the day.

But, in this day and age, when we face so many challenges, it is undeniably difficult to remain productive all day long.

This is why I have this “Productivity” list to bring back my spirit.

I simply choose one of these tricks and practice it.

And within an hour, I felt overly productive.

  1. Join Coursera and work on a new course.
  2. Sort through a jumbled closet.
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Check all the emails.
  5. Make a to-do list with amusing names.
  6. Organizing documents offline/online 
  7. Listen to a funny podcast.
  8. Creating a vision board, both online and offline
  9. How about organizing your desk?
  10. Makeup brushes should be cleaned.
  11. Updating the resumes
  12. Spend time working out at home.
  13. Back up old documents and pictures
  14. Start journaling
  15. Set objectives for the coming months and year.
  16. Sort out pictures on devices
  17. Start bullet journaling
  18. Fill up online surveys
  19. Start a blog
  20. Plan out your social media posts.
  21. Search for ways to decompose waste food.
  22. Build your LinkedIn profile
  23. Work on a freelancing platform.
  24. Show your creativity with old clothes.
  25. Become a bookworm