Stay happy throughout the day

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Stay happy throughout the day

Do you know about a MAGIC KEY to control your mood throughout the day?

You must have heard people saying “Things can only hurt us when we accept it“.

And then you’ll go like “UGH as if we asked negativity to land on us”. Well, somehow we do that.

We expose ourselves to all the energies out there and expect to receive only positivity.

That sounds stupid. Right?

It is like entering a fight to win it without expecting a punch in the face.

What should we do then? How can we control our mood? I will explain the magic key in a second, but before that, I want you to recall your morning routine. Or how you start your day.

You woke up, yawned widely, picked up your phone, and started scrolling, while your one eye still trying to get open. It is where you make a mistake.

Instead of doing this, we should be meditating and gifting ourselves to self-care in the morning.

Now the keyword is: limiting.

Everything on the Internet is not filled with positivity and happiness. So, to control your mood, you have to follow these 3 tricks.

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media accounts.
  2. DO NOT use your phone in the morning.
  3. Do at least one thing that brings them joy in your face.

And BINGO! You’ll see the result in 3 days.

This is a cheat sheet for you to stay happy.

Now how is it going to impact your mood?

When we limit ourselves to the pool of mixed-up energies, we are asking our minds to grow in peace. And the more peace our mind gets, the more we will feel happy. After that limitation, when we do something that we enjoy the most, we bring even more smiles to our faces. This all results in a happy and peaceful day.

Ask anyone who is already happy and successful. They will always agree on this sheet.
Now how about giving a week to this sheet? Do come back and inform me about your results.